7 Reasons Why a South Jersey Spring Brings Out the Best in All of Us

by / Thursday, 13 April 2017 / Published in Lifestyle, South Jersey

Well, we finally made it. No more 30 degree days. No more threats of random snowfall. The parkas and down coats are going back in the closet until further notice. Spring is here and it is here to stay *knocks vigorously on wooden surfaces*. This warm weather and these blue skies really bring out the best in South Jersey. It reminds us of who we are, what makes us unique, and why we love our chunk of the Garden State. People from out of town may not understand our obsession with Rita’s or why it’s so important for us to get there for our free water ice on the first day of spring. They have the beach. We have the shore. It’s these little things that we cherish so much.

So, with spring finally, confidently upon us, let’s take a look at 7 of the things we love and appreciate the most about being from New Jersey.

  1. We’re Loud

Did we ever learn to speak with an indoor-voice? Not really. When we argue with other people over whose state is best, we will let them know with authority. We have a lot of opinions and it’s our moral obligation to share them as vocally as possible.

  1. Our Food is the Best

Jersey Corn? Tomatoes? Pizza? Bagels? Sorry everyone else, your food ain’t cuttin’ it. We didn’t earn the name “Garden State” by sharing our best stuff with the rest of the country.

  1. We’re Tough

Have you ever been in an argument with someone from New Jersey? If you have and you’re still alive reading this then you’re a liar. We’re a people born with thick skin and we can thank our parents for that; backhanded compliments, clap backs, and all.

  1. Our Driving

Hey, no one said we’re perfect. But if you want to get from Point-A to Point-B in X-amount of time, get yourself a Jersey copilot and buckle those seatbelts. Shout out to jug handles. Left turns are overrated.

  1. Our Teams

This one might be a stretch due to the interstate disconnect but in South Jersey, to speak ill of the Phillies or Eagles may as well be to disrespect your own mother. May Wentzmania continue for many years to come.

  1. “Down the Shore”

Obviously. You go to Atlantic City to party. You go to Ocean City for the wholesome fun. Between the bars and casinos, and Manco & Manco’s Pizza and Castaway Cove, is there anything you need that you can’t find on the shore? Pardon, it’s “down the shore.” Just don’t say “beach”. Ugh. It’s just not correct.

  1. Our Hangout Spots

If it’s a Sunday afternoon and you’re not at your favorite diner with your family and friends, are you really even from Jersey? It’s really amazing how something so niche has been blown into this generalized stereotype but it’s remarkable how much truth it holds. We’re loyal to a fault to our spots, to the diners, the pizzerias, the coffee shops… It shows how much the places and other little things that make up our Jersey identities are so important to our appreciation of our state as a whole.

Not everyone will understand but hey, that’s Jersey.