Our members have joined forces to let the world know that South Jersey has officially become an outstanding dining destination.

We are locally owned, independent restaurants that are chef driven by passionate culinary professionals dedicated to providing great food and great service. In almost all cases, you will find an owner present during your visit. We live here, and we are tied to our communities, and not to the shareholders of distant corporations located thousands of miles away.

If you appreciate uniqueness and authenticity, you have to be concerned with the emerging picture that is making America one gigantic mall with all the predictable players. Big business just keeps getting bigger and the concept of originality continues to disappear. Our local coffee shops are now called Starbucks; our local sporting goods stores are now called Sports Authority; our hardware stores are Home Depots. Our drug stores have been replaced by the initials "CVS" and our local banks keep changing their names on an almost monthly basis. Restaurant chains are everywhere, and they have threatened the future of independent restaurants. Thankfully, there is still a significant segment of the American public that appreciates what we do and understands the concept of expertly prepared, fresh food. We view dining out as an adventure and a unique and pleasurable experience.

We urge you to try our restaurants and hopefully spread the good word. South Jersey has arrived, and you don't have to travel over bridges to have a great meal. We're right here in your own backyard, and please be sure that we appreciate your support.