Celebrate the Changing of Seasons with Spring Restaurant Week!

by / Wednesday, 08 February 2017 / Published in 1st Colonial Community Bank, Restaurant Week, The Hughes Center

Doesn’t it always seem like winter overstays its welcome? You can tell how superstitious we are about the weather by the way we hinge on a groundhog’s shadow as a means of indicating how close we are to welcoming spring. At this point in the year, groundhog or no groundhog, we’re looking forward to an end to frosty mornings, layers of ill-fitting clothing, and perpetually cloudy days. Luckily, whether the weather chooses to cooperate, sjhotchefs.com is doing its best to welcome spring in the best way it knows how, with Spring Restaurant Week!

From March 19th to the 24th, over 30 independently-owned restaurants from Camden, Gloucester, and Burlington counties will be offering four courses for $35, featuring local meat and produce grown and harvested right on the Jersey Coast. We hope that participants will be able to sample at least some part of the delicious variety. And of course, as always, we credit our sponsors who make these amazing weeks possible: 1st Colonial Bank and The Hughes Center For Aesthetic Medicine in Cherry Hill.

Spring is a time for turning over a new leaf. We’ve got New Year’s for that, sure, but there’s something rejuvenating about the passing of winter. It’s a season of new life, of rebirth, and growth. Parks, sidewalks, playgrounds, shops, and plazas have once again been filled with people, spurned from hibernation, eager for a fresh start. There’s just something liberating about hanging up the heavy winter coats that have been weighing us down for the last several months.

Above all, it’s a time for celebration; a time to find excuses to get outside, to be active, and to be with friends and family. The dusty patio furniture gets dragged outside for the first time in months, gardens are planned, and the bravest and boldest among us uncover their swimming pools. The coming of spring makes us fall in love with the earth again, like an old friend returning from a trip, reminding us of old times and memories made in the sweet south Jersey air. Everything begins to look alive and vibrant, as though Nature herself was waking from a deep slumber.

What better way is there to celebrate spring’s arrival than by gathering loved ones together to share in the sights, smells, and tastes of the local cuisine? People from all over the world and throughout history have welcomed the season’s coming with culinary fanfare. The ancient Greeks participated in the Festival of Dionysus, from the end of March to the beginning of April, honoring the god of wine, celebrating accordingly. Why not pay tribute to the Greeks, right?

Whatever goals you have for the year and whatever baggage you’re tempted to leave behind, why not enjoy the start to a new season with some good people, some good food, and some good drinks? However you choose to celebrate, we hope you’ll join us for Spring Restaurant Week.