Dining Out This Week? More Than Half American Do.

Eating in Restaurants is Highly Popular. We Work Hard to Make it So.

Our Fall Restaurant Week will be October 16th to 21st. Mark your calendars now. More details soon.                                                  All our 2016 Restaurant Weeks are made possible through the support of 1st Colonial Community Bank.
Fall Restaurant Week is presented by The Hughes Center for Aesthetic Medicine in Cherry Hill.

According to a national telephone survey conducted by Rasumssen Reports a couple of years ago, 58 percent of American adults reported they dined out at least once a week. In a more recent study—by Zagat just last year—individuals were asked how many times a week they dined out (not counting breakfast). The national average was 4.5 times per week.

Spending on dining out surpassed grocery store purchases for the first time in 2015 and that trend continues today. That is good news for us and good news for the South Jersey economy.

The New Jersey Restaurant Association reports that 248,300 men and women are employed by the state’s 17,957 eating and drinking establishments. Another 82,400 people work in non-restaurant food service jobs. In total, restaurant and food service accounts for 330,700 total New

Jersey jobs, which is nine percent of all the employment in the Garden State.

So, let’s look at it this way: by dining in our restaurants you are assuring employment for lots of (really nice) people, who in turn spend money for lots of other products and services and that keeps our economy churning.

All of us at sjhotchefs.com realize that to keep you coming back to our restaurants we must offer good, safe food at reasonable prices and provide service that meets or exceeds your expectations.

We, in fact, work hard to do just that. Our chefs shop locally for as much of the food we serve as possible because we know that fresh, local food and premium ingredients make the best meals.

In addition to careful and creative food preparation by the chef and kitchen personnel, we take great care to fashion an appealing plate presentation for we also know that first impressions count for a great deal when dining out.

We take great care in training our servers for attentive, friendly service as that is key to an enjoyable dining experience. The wait staff is responsible for everything from how the napkins are folded to making sure you receive the food and beverage

Portrait of happy female manager standing with arms crossed in restaurant

Local restaurants provide employment for hundreds of area men and women.

you ordered as promptly as possible.

Woman eating at restaurant

Presentation is essential to good dining.

In addition to observation and oversight, one of the ways we judge our serving staff is by the tips they receive. If a server is not receiving the accepted average of 15 or 20 percent of the bill, we immediately start checking on the service because our customers are telling us that they were not completely satisfied.

Incidentally, restaurant lore says that the word “tip” originated with the initials t, i and p that were carved on contribution boxes in 18th Century English coffee houses. The initials stood for “to insure promptness.”

It is not an exaggeration to say that it takes a team effort on our part to keep our customers gastronomically happy and attentively served. Your patronage is how we measure our success.

We look forward to serving you again soon.