Fall Harvest Week 2018 at Braise 116

Course One

Ÿ Grilled Vegetable Garden Salad
grilled seasonal vegetables add robust harvest flavor to a base of mixed field greens, carrot,radish, cucumber, and tomato; dressed with lemon thyme vinaigrette

Ÿ Butternut Squash Soup
savory-sweet butternut squash, enhanced with rich chicken stock, delicately flavored with coconut cream and ginger

Course Two

Ÿ Grilled Octopus
wine braised, then marinated in lemon, yogurt, garlic, and olive oil, char-grilled

Ÿ Brussels Sprouts
sautéed with duck bacon and white wine; finished with shaved parmigiana reggiano

Ÿ Lobster Crab Rondure
lump crab & fresh steamed lobster cakes, served with remoulade sauce

Ÿ Caramelized Beets
roasted and maple glazed, served with goat cheese and toasted pine nuts

Course Three

Ÿ Braised Beef Cheek Bolognese
wine-braised beef cheeks and pork belly slow cooked in a rustic tomato sauce, served over house-made fettucine

Ÿ Pumpkin and Smoked Cherry Ravioli
served in a rich Gorgonzola cream sauce

Ÿ Eggplant Ripieni
grilled eggplant, cannelini beans, seasonal vegetables, sun dried tomatoes, and pine nuts

Ÿ Pan Seared Salmon
with a barbecue coffee dry rub, served over sweet potato hash with sautéed spinach

Ÿ Coq au Vin
tender ragout of chicken, pork belly, & mushrooms in a toothsome red wine sauce, served with a savory bacon chestnut bread pudding

Course Four

Dessert choose oneŸ
Bread Pudding Ÿ

White Chocolate Cream Puff

Ÿ Elvis Cake Ÿ

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart