Fall Harvest Week 2019 at Kitchen 519

Course One

Fried green tomato, goat cheese, bacon, pickled rhubarb -While they last, last of the season_
Savory brie en croute, black garlic crostini, cranberry jam, garlic butter, red wine caramelized onion
Beet carpaccio, salted gold and red, horseradish, mint, nut relish -V-

Course Two

Smoked butternut squash soup, pumpkin seed, louvage, sumac cashew cream -V-
Beetroot and goat cheese salad, pickled onion, pecan, puffed farro
Grilled Caesar salad, house dressing, garlic crouton

Course Three

Shortrib and Middle Neck Clams, sweet potato, root vegetable, preserved meyer lemon scampi, farro
Beetroot infused Jail Island salmon, parsnip puree, toasted caraway, braised kale, rhubarb
Braised smoked chicken thighs, house harrisa, bulgarian feta, seared carrot, kholrabi, dill
Gorgonzola butternut squash alfredo, cauliflower, broccoli, parmesan tuille, pepita
Vegan root vegetable pot pie, lobster mushroom, parsnip, green bean, turnip -V-

Course Four

Bakery 519 Selection